Brazilian Blowout Bar

Introducing the world's first full-service Brazilian Blowout-concept hair salon focusing solely on providing clients with smooth, manageable hair!

Lindsay M

I had the best experience at this salon, I can't say enough good things! I had planned a mother daughter date with my best friend and our moms. I booked through a friend for 2 appointments in 2 1 hour time slots. When we came in though, there were no appointments for us, because the friend never booked them. However, the staff was AMAZING and said not a problem and was able to take all 4 of us at the same time. We brought drinks and snacks and the salon coordinator served us while we got our hair done. Everyone was so accommodating and apologetic for the mix up, we couldn't thank them enough. My stylist was Lydia, and she was amazing!! My hair looked fabulous, she recommended products that would help my hair and she was just a great person to have a conversation with. All the staff was wonderful, nice, accommodating and provided us all with fabulous hair for our day in the city. If you're looking for a new salon that's clean has nice lighting and great staff, this is the salon for you! I've never felt more special as a client EVER! I will definetly be returning! Thank you again!